Tuesday, 20 October 2015


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Parents just a reminder that Room 28 will be swimming at school portable pool on Monday.  11.30.

Students are being bused out to Te Atatu Peninsula Primary on Friday where the instructors will take the class for lessons.

Don't forget your togs and towel.  Please ensure children bring their togs on their swimming days.  All children are expected to swim unless they have written permission from their caregivers.  Thank to you to all the parents/caregivers who have already forwarded the payment of $10 for the term. If you have not already done this, please would you kindly forward this to me with the permission slip.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Beetroot Leaves Pakoras

On Wednesday Room 28 carried out science investigation as they were being curious.
Our focus question was does mixing a different variety of colours will change the colour of the final product.  How we came about this question was when we were in the garden Mrs Singh asked some students to thin out the beetroot leaves.  Yemima reminded Mrs Singh that beetroot leaves were edible and we shouldn't just throw it away.  Also some girls were complaining about their fingers which had beetroot dye on it.

So this bright light bulb light in our teachers head.  How about we carry out an experiment to get results for our questions.  So the student decided to make beetroot leaves pakoras and see the colour of beetroot changes the pakora colour.  Mrs Singh asked the student if they all had eaten beetroot before.  60% of Room 28 has not tasted beetroot before.  So on Monday we had a chance to taste beetroot.  The children recorded their taste trial on Padlet.


On Tuesday middle block we picked the fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden need for pakoras. We picked beetroot leaves, silverbeet, coriander, thyme, parsley, sweet marjoram.  After all vegetables and herbs were washed carefully.  We peeled and grated carrots, chopped and diced onions, cut all the vegetable and herbs.  We carefully placed all vegetables in single bags and made it air tight.  This was placed in the fridge for overnight.


Our beetroot vegetable pakoras.

We observed that when we left the batter for 10 minutes to rest, the colour of the batter changed to yellow.  Why because Mrs Singh added turmeric powder to the dry ingredients.  Also as the pakoras were deep frying the stalks of the beetroot changed from light red to a darker red.

Here are what some students observed:

Daphney:  I noticed our teacher only putting a teaspoon of mixture in the deep fryer but when the pakoras were cooked they were double the size.  I wonder why?

Sylvie:  I observed that when we put the beetroot leaves and stalks in the deep fryer it turned bright red.  I wonder if we put more beetroot stalks in would the colour of the pakoras go slightly red?  I also noticed when Mrs Singh put the mixture in the deep fryer it didn't fall apart.  It stayed in a ball shape.  I think this is because of the heat and pea flour that kept the mixture together.

Mikayla: I observed when we put a teaspoon of the pakora mixture in, it came out twice its size. Why I wonder?  Because we put baking powder in the mixture.  Baking powder acts as a rising agent when mixed with baking goods.  It works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into the batter causing it to expand. 

Makaia: The beetroot leaves and stalks were light red in colour but once deep fried it changed to a more red in colour.  

Caleb: I observed that when Mrs Singh put the mixture into the deep fryer the pakoras changed into a weird shape and went bigger.

Paul: I observed that the colour of the pakoras changed to a brownish colour because we added turmeric powder to the mixture.  If we had not used turmeric powder the colour of the pakoras would be red.

Jacky:  I observed that when the beetroot in the pakora changed colour to dark red when it was deep fryed.  I noticed Mrs Singh putting chili powder in as it changed the batter colour to a bit red.  Also she added turmeric to give it a yellow colour.  

Elizabeth: I noticed the beetroot leaves were a dark red.  I thought the pakoras would have turned a light pink after it was cooked.  Instead the pakora didn't change colour at all.   

Friday, 11 September 2015

Popplet Brainstorming

Popplet.com is an online concept mapping service that allows users to create concept maps with different colours, images, fonts, videos and drawings.  You can create a concept map about any subject.  It teaches students about the relationship between ideas and helps us to organise our writing. 

When creating Popplet you can share it on a class blog, send it in an e-mail or share it on a social network.  We can access this from school as well as at home.  The best part is you can add collaborators to your Popplet allowing students, teachers and friends to be able to add their ideas and other information to your Popplet. 

It was pretty crazy with everyone in the class adding their ideas at the same time, but it was also exciting to see the ideas go up so instantly to share with everyone else.  Our names show up at the top of the boxes so we can see who contributed the different ideas.

Here are some of our wondering about worms

Monday, 17 August 2015

Persuasive Writing

Click here to see a list of exemplars that will show you what persuasive writing looks like at your level and the level that you are working towards